Finance and Audit Committee

Chairman: Eugene L. Skok
Members: John Harvey

The Finance and Audit Committee consists of members of the Board of Directors. Committee members are charged in general with reviewing and evaluating the financial performance of ISAP.

More specifically, the Committee is charged with the following:

  • Reporting to the Board and the General Membership at their annual meetings on the financial performance of ISAP.
  • Submitting recommendations to the Board on any needed improvements in financial performance, significant accounting practices, issues of financial liability, asset status, and any other matters affecting the long-term financial viability of ISAP.
  • Recommending to the Board an accounting firm for carrying out an annual audit.
  • Reviewing, in consultation with the Treasurer and the Executive Manager, the overall financial operations of ISAP.

Membership Committee

Chairman: Gerhard J.A. Kennepohl
Members: Gerald Huber, Stephen F. Brown, E. Ray Brown

The major driving force in sustaining this international forum for worldwide asphalt paving technology exchange is an active membership in ISAP. The collective expertise, combined support, and professional service of its members. Since the development and maintenance of a healthy membership is critical to the organization’s effectiveness and survival, the Membership Committee, supported by the Board, will address the marketing and selling of membership.

The immediate and high priority objective is to clearly enunciate the role for ISAP and identify the benefits of membership using the forthcoming international conference as an opportunity. The website and other practical means will be used to assist with the process. As a minimum objective, membership fee income must be increased to a level that ensures the financial viability of the Society so that its mission can be effectively delivered.

Nominations Committee

Chairman: Gerald (Gerry) Huber
Members: Egbert Beuving, Atsushi Kasahara

The Nomination Committee is appointed by the Chairman of ISAP for a two-year term with eligibility for renewal and is charged to prepare and process nominations for the Board of Directors.

Information Technology Committee

Chairman: Gerhard J.A Kennepohl
Members: Rajib B. Mallick

In order to promote the work of ISAP the Information Technology Committee will initiate imaginative use, ways, and means for exchanging and sharing of information and technology related to asphalt paving. Included are the generation, acquisition, packaging and distribution or dissemination of information in various forms to various audiences or clients. It also includes the identification of information and technology gaps and formulation of recommendations or guidelines to address these gaps.

The committee will focus its activities on the following key areas:

  • Continuation of the successful series of international ‘Ann Arbor’ style conferences.
  • Introduction of a new series of international symposia to be held at four-year intervals, mid-way between the established conferences.
  • Continuation of the series of Distinguished Lectures.
  • Publication of a newsletter on the web site, but the ‘hard copy’ form to be continued for the next few years.
  • Establishment of a technical database with emphasis on utilizing the website.
  • Exhibits at conferences; posters, brochures, equipment, services, etc.

The key objective is for ISAP to have a coherent and consistent policy and set of activities for information and technology exchange which serves its constituency as effectively as possible within the resources of ISAP. Associated with this is the intent to strive for continually improving the quality of information and technology of global interest that is exchanged.

Editorial Board

Chairman: Eugene L. Skok
Members: Eileen Soler

ISAP Head Office staff produce a periodic newsletter, the ISAP Reporter. It is mailed to members and also published on the website for download in Acrobat format.

Members of the Board provide guidance regarding the contents of certain technical publications, and brochures.

Distinguished Lectureship Committee

Chairman: Stephen F. Brown
Members: Jon Epps, Ralph Haas, Carl L. Monismith, Reynaldo Roque, Per Ullidtz

This committee selects a distinguished engineer from the worldwide asphalt pavement engineering community to present a lecture at one of the Society’s conferences or symposia. The written version of the lecture appears in the proceedings of the meeting and also is posted on the Society’s website. The individuals selected are excellent speakers capable of presenting a lecture of widespread international interest to the asphalt paving community and in keeping with the learned society role and mission of ISAP. The committee develops and maintains:

  • the basic principles underlying the lectureship.
  • a criteria for selection of the lecturer and topic (or vice versa).
  • guidelines for frequency and venue of lectureship.
  • a framework for funding in terms of honorarium, travel expense, etc.
  • mechanisms for publication of lecture, publicity, and distribution to ISAP membership

The committee’s recommendations are presented to the Board for approval.

Technical Committees

ISAP Technical Committee APE (Asphalt Pavement and Environment)

ISAP Technical Committee on Constitutive Modelling of Asphaltic Materials