ISAP Day on Sunday, January 8, 2017

ISAP will once again have an ISAP Day on Sunday, January 8, 2017 from 8:30am-4:30pm in Washington D.C. during the TRB Conference. View the agenda below or download as a pdf.

ISAP Day Agenda – January 8, 2017
Location: Independence G (M4) Marriott Marquis
8:30am – 9:15 amWelcome and Review of ISAP activities by Board of Directors

  • Introduction – ISAP vice Chair
  • ISAP activities summary: Jean-Pascal Planche (Incoming ISAP Chair)
  • ISAP events coming up in 2017

9:15 am – 11:30pmConstitutive Modeling of Asphaltic Materials (CMAM) Technical Committee – Chair: Tom Scarpas

  • TC on Low Energy Mixes, Water Induced Damage in Asphaltic Mixes, Constitutive Modeling of Asphaltic Mixes, Pavement Interlayer Systems, Surface Properties, Chemo-Mechanics of Bituminous Materials
  • Welcome – TC Chair Tom Scarpas, TU Delft
  • Day theme: Skid Resistance: from Models to Norms
    • Tire / road interface data using 3D photographic models – David Woodward, Ulster University (ROI)
    • Advanced Characterization and Modelling of Pavement Surface Texture and Skid Resistance – a Comprehensive Approach Considering Chassis-, Tyre- and Pavement Dynamics – M. Oeser, M. Oeser, RWTH Aachen (DE)
    • FHWA Pavement Friction Management Project – Gerardo Flintsch, Virginia Tech (USA)
    • A European skid resistance measurement system for the Netherlands – Bert de Wit, RWS Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NL)

11:30pm – 12:30pmLunch break
12:30pm – 2:30pmAsphalt Pavements and Environment (APE) Technical Committee – Chair: Manfred N. PARTL – Gabriele Tebaldi

  • TC on Cold recycling technologies and mix design, New innovative Technologies and LCA
  • Welcome, presentations and introduction.
  • Report on TC activities
  • Announcement of next APE Symposiums
  • Technical presentations.
    • Recycling and reuse in asphalt pavements
      • Yu Yan, University of Florida (USA)
      • Alan Carter, ETS (CAN)
      • Elie Hajj, University of Nevada (USA)
    • New challenges on asphalt pavements: healing
      • Christiane Raab, EMPA (CH)
  • New topics and new needs.
  • Any other business
  • Adjourn on the next APE conference

2:30pm – 4:30pmPavement Field Evaluation (PFE) Technical Committee – Chair: Eshan Dave

  • TC on Pavement Field Evaluation Methods, such as accelerated pavement testing, non-destructive evaluation (deflection testing, surface wave propagation methods, GPR) and surface characterization (friction and roughness)
  • Day theme: State of the Art Review on use of Wave Propagation Methods for Non-Destructive Characterization of Pavement Materials
    • Session chair: Cédric Sauzéat from University of Lyon, ENTPE (FR)

– Richard Kim (North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA)
– Anders Gudmarsson (PEAB company, Sweden)
– Nenad Gucunski (Rutgers University, NJ, USA)
– Henrik Bjurstrom (KTH, Sweden)

The aim with the session is to present the State of the Art in laboratory and field testing of pavements through wave propagation methods.
The session is intended to describe the development and current use of the following test methodologies to characterize asphalt pavements.

• Impact resonance test of asphalt concrete samples
• Surface wave testing of pavements (SASW, MASW)
The first 2 presenters will be dedicated to the first topic and the 2 others to the second topic.

  • Other items:
    • Information on working group formation
    • Other planned TC activities
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