The current relationships within ISAP evolved from a series of worldwide acclaimed ‘Ann Arbor’ conferences, which presented as a main thrust the latest developments in mechanistic approach to flexible pavement design. The formation of the Society resulted from a profound, worldwide interest and an obvious need to establish contacts and relationships in order to enhance cross-fertilization of ideas between design and materials engineers, researchers, suppliers, and paving contractors. Such is the mission for ISAP, representing the worldwide community or body of the “asphalt paving industry” at large.

The Society’s goal is to promote the formation of constructive and supportive relationships with asphalt pavement organizations throughout the world and address an appropriate means of formalizing and recognizing such relationships.
Current Activities

A special Ex Officio membership is accorded to organizations whose involvement and relationship to ISAP is significant (e.g. NAPA, AI). An attempt has also been made to position and recognize international organizations by nomination and appointment to the Executive Committee or Board of Directors. Given the expansion of international outlook and activities by the principal Asphalt Pavement Associations, NAPA, AAPA, EAPA and SABITA, although they are represented on the Board, a new dialogue has been initiated to ensure that future activities are coordinated and that productive and mutually beneficial relationships are promoted.

Relationships with other organizations are a specific responsibility of the Executive Committee.

Goal Statement

The main objective of establishing formal relationships is to provide the organizational framework and interrelationship of supporting members and participants and a sound foundation to secure a high level of asphalt pavement technology exchange.