If asphalt pavements are your concern, you should be a member of ISAP. The distinctly global and inclusive approach of the Society is reflected by an international membership, representing all stakeholders in the asphalt industry – users, producers, professionals, as well as individuals and organizations. We share the latest in leading edge asphalt technology developments world-wide.

Direct benefits for ISAP members include:

  • access to ISAP’s international forum of experts through seminars and workshops
  • opportunities to acquire and advance leading-edge technology through volunteer committee work
  • access to ISAP’s international data, digests, expertise
  • reduced fees to ISAP events and publications

Communication & Contact

  • ISAP provides many opportunities for worldwide communication and contact through:conferences, meetings, lectures, workshops, proceedings, newsletters, special reports
  • Internet web site access to publications, literature data base and international expertise

Membership Categories

Student Membership:

Student Membership is for students and others new to the field of asphalt technology. Student membership is free. Student members receive the basic mailings of the Society and other benefits, but have no voting privileges.

Voting Membership:

Members contributing $130 or more in dues or support fees to the Society annually have voting rights valid during the calendar year in which they paid their membership fees. Voting Members receive all the basic mailings of the Society and may serve on the Board of Directors.

Corporate Membership:

The Corporate Membership Category has four levels. Corporations in this category can designate an ISAP Contact Person and the indicated number of ISAP Voting Members within their group (as shown in the table below). In this way information developed by ISAP can be disseminated more efficiently. The following Corporate Membership levels have been defined:

Level Number of Voting Members Additional Mailings Annual Dues
I 50 20 $5,000
II 25 10 $2,500
III 12 5 $1,000
IV 6 2 $500

Association Membership:

Companies or agencies with an interest in Hot Mix Asphalt Design & Construction qualify for Association membership. The dues for Association Membership are $1000 U.S. for every $1 million of organization revenue. Benefits include:

  • Membership rates to all ISAP Conferences and Symposia
  • A Director-at-large position on the ISAP Board of Directors
  • Distribution of the electronic ISAP Newsletter to all members.

Supporting Membership:

Members who pay dues and support fees of $500 – $2499 per year are recognized by name in ISAP litereature and are given special recognition in activities of the Society.

Patron Membership:

Patrons are those agencies or individuals contributing $5000 or more annually. Patrons will be so listed on Letterhead and in all Society publications. Each Patron has the right to name a Member to the Board of Directors in each year they pay dues.

Honorary Membership:

Honorary Membership is reserved for persons of outstanding eminence and long support of ISAP in the practice of some phase of asphalt pavement technology. Honorary Membership is awarded upon nomination by any Member of the Society and unanimous approval of the Board of Directors. For the period 1997-2002, founders of the Society shall be given preference for election to Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership is considered an honor and is not bestowed lightly.

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